Our Values


Astek is first and foremost a corporate adventure founded on powerful key values. Becoming a leading player in the IT services field is an ambitious goal, and one which every Astek staff member is required to contribute to. A thirst for new challenges and a flair for enterprise are the driving forces behind our expansion.

Customer satisfaction

How do we earn the trust and confidence of our clients and work with them to build a long-term partnership? By seeing our activities in a different light and ensuring that responsiveness and the sheer excellence of our services are our greatest selling points. In this way we are able to offer a tailored solution to every customer problem.

Technical prowess

Being and remaining at the cutting edge of innovation and of the most recent technology is a duty for all of our staff. But although this is very necessary, it alone is insufficient if we are to meet the challenges of our clients. Showing genuine empathy while understanding their culture and users’ expectations are all key factors in our success.


Astek has built its reputation for excellence on that of its employees, all linked by a powerful corporate culture. Commitment is one of the company’s key values: commitment to developing the skills of our employees and supporting them throughout their career, commitment to supporting our clients’ growth strategies, or societal commitments in favour of sustainable development.

Human capital

Astek’s staff are its most important resource. We therefore encourage everyone to achieve their full potential and to make a successful career in a healthy and stimulating environment in which talent and merit are recognised, diversity valued and the right balance is struck between private and professional life.